Minimalist Invitation Design Ideas

Couples who are married with a ‘limited’ fund budget and cannot afford to take care of ordinary celebrity weddings around the budget to meet all needs by reducing the budget in certain posts, such as funds for souvenirs, documentation or invitations. Well, with a limited budget, this time wants to share inspirational, minimalist, economical invitations but still impresses elegantly for you. Check it out!

Invitation cards with minimal white dominance like this are really simple, don’t need a lot of paper either, so it’s certainly economical! Let me be cute, you can add brown strap accents like this. Brown paper invitations like this can be an option if you need an economical invitation but a vintage style. To cut prices, you can directly enter the invitation card without an additional envelope.

You and your partner have a pre-wedding photo collection or sweet photos during courtship? Can you tuck it like this on your invitation card, you know? The invitation card doesn’t have to be filled with your face, all of it, so that it looks more elegant. One or two sheets of invitation cards with the most economical price of paper choices will definitely not make your invitation card expensive. To make it sweeter, you can add favorite color envelopes, pink like this for example.

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