Vintage Wedding Decorations that can be made by yourself

Looking for a vintage-themed wedding? No need to worry about thinking about the decoration, you can make your own by utilizing existing items. Besides being easy to make, you can also save money.

Create invitations from used cardboard or cardboard, then give the text with a typewriter-like font & add your monochrome photo. For the vintage impression to stand out more, use the book holder to make a guestbook. Paste the paper in the book holder, then sew the bottom. Make a photo display from used bottles & oil, place your photo on an empty bottle and pour oil into it. Guaranteed to steal the attention of invited guests.

You can also make your own cake stand from a vintage plate like this, hole the center of the plate and put it together using hook. Gate is the main part to give a vintage concept. Use two doors that are no longer used and then decorate with flowers or leaf used luggage can be used as a wishlist box. Just stack the suitcase, open one of the top luggage and give the writing The stairs can also be used as one of the displays in your wedding, for example a photo or glass display for example.

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