The concept of marriage that will become a trend

Getting married is indeed the dream and desire of almost all lovers. By getting married, a bond of love will feel more united. In addition, marriage can also provide peace for every couple without fear of sin. Because so many important moments in marriage, usually people will think of the best preparation or concept at their marriage. This concept will later make a marriage feel special to be remembered forever.

Marriage with a full aroma concept is also expected to become a trend. The aroma of candles, flowers, or other scents will give a special impression for guests. The concept that carries the theme of simplicity is also a consideration this year. Simplicity can reflect beauty and beauty. Indoor foliage will also be a trend. Applying fertile green plants as decoration so that the look looks natural and romantic.

Carrying eco-friendly themes is a brilliant idea to make guests interested. Choose natural objects, such as foam-free flower arrangements. Invitations with illustrations will also be a trend. As if bored with photographs in general, brides will choose their photos illustrated. The curvature of the flowers that are usually in the wedding will be replaced with a curvature of grass. Pampas grass especially has aesthetic value that can create a romantic impression.

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