Garden Theme Outdoor Wedding

The wedding is expensive! So you need to think really when you decide to get married. One of the things that you really need to consider when you are married is to choose the theme of the event on your wedding day. Surely all girls want to get married with the most beautiful decorations and according to their wishes. But what is the power because sometimes marriage requires a lot of funds especially if you want a lot. Fortunately, you can always get a wedding budget. One theme that can suppress your show budget is an outdoor wedding.

Wedding outdoor farm is one alternative wedding theme that is not only funny but also cost effective. We all know that all kinds of things in urban areas must be expensive. Renting the building for the wedding will not be cheap, so you want to rent an open page that will certainly be cheaper but no less beautiful than that magnificent building. Even open pages such as plantations or farms will be empty canvas that you can decorate according to taste.

To carry the theme of a garden or garden wedding, you don’t need lights that are too magnificent even though your wedding is held at night. You can replace the expensive lights with lamp lanterns or oil lamps. In addition to providing a distinctive rural feel, oil lamps and lanterns have a much more romantic and intimate feel. Your marriage seems to be done with much more solemnity.

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