Flower Bouquet Ideas for Weddings

The wedding is one of the events in the life of every human being. Luxury or simple, of course there are many things that need to be prepared. From registration at KUA to wedding party knick-knacks that have been designed in advance by us. Especially for women, using beautiful dresses, stunning makeup to a beautiful bouquet of flowers is also part of our dream wedding. And now a party with a rustic theme has begun to mushroom in the community. In addition to looking simpler, rustic wedding themes use knick-knacks that are quite unique and seem unusual. For example, a bouquet of flowers. Here are some ideas for flower bouquet for the rustic wedding theme that you dream of.

Identical pastel colors, a bouquet of white & cream roses can be very suitable in your grasp. sweet white breath for a rustic theme in the garden. Pink & orange lilies in small pieces do not lose the good taste.

Not only bright color flowers, this pine tree flower also fits juxtaposed with baby breath. Want to look fresh? You can use this yellow sunflower. Not only white & cream, but purple is also popular, one of them is lavender.

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