This Wedding Decoration Guaranteed to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Wedding day is certainly the most special day for anyone. Every couple who will get married must have agreed to choose a particular theme that will be applied later. Starting from the concept, wedding decoration, room decor, clothing, make-up style to souvenirs. Prepared preparation for a wedding day is needed. It’s not an easy matter to determine a theme for your most important event. Finding references from various sources can be the best solution to help you find the theme of marriage. One of them is a wedding decoration reference. These are the wedding decoration ideas that will make your wedding memorable.

The wedding decoration which is called the cherry blossom theme is dominated by pink, according to the color of this flower. Cherry blossom is identical to the decoration filled with bright pink flowers. Arrange the flowers in various corners of the room to make them look more cheerful and romantic. Adding hanging ornamental plants can also be chosen. Combine it with a blend of bright colors like white that bring a simple yet romantic impression.

Outdoor wedding parties with the theme of decorating a wedding garden or garden are indeed very attractive, seem different and relaxed compared to weddings in general. You don’t have to be outdoors, you can still have a wedding in the room. The presence of foliage and fake flowers that fill the wedding decoration will strengthen the garden party theme that you dream of. Hang the lights that are also surrounded by leaves and colorful flowers as lighting as well as complementing the wedding decorations.

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