Colored Wedding Cake Ideas

Every human being has its own color as a color that they are very happy with. Color can also be a benchmark idea for us to develop to make a simple wedding cake. For your happy partner in purple. You can imitate the picture of the wedding cake above. With floral decorations, also an interesting pattern of butter cream, surely your modest wedding cake will look simple in your partner’s eyes to make him happy.

Red roses are often called symbols of love to express our love for a partner. Mawar we often present and give to us when certain moments are like birthdays, your partner’s birthday, or when applying. There is nothing wrong with bringing back this red rose by becoming a theme for your wedding cake. This simple wedding cake can be your pengatin cake that will remind you of the love struggle for your partner. Especially with the combination of white and red, as if harmonious to decorate your elegant wedding.

For those of you who are very happy with dark colors, don’t worry, because dark colors can also be present to look attractive on your wedding cake. With a blend of white or gold, dark colors seem to be a beautiful, simple color to see. Coupled with flower decoration, a simple wedding cake like the picture above can be your consideration to be presented at your special event, without putting aside the dark color as your favorite special color.

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