The Concept of Elegant Simple Wedding Cakes

Marriage is one of the special days for the two wedding couples, because that’s where they reminded of their sacred promise. Various preparations must be prepared carefully. For recipes, you usually have to determine the wedding day, wedding venue, wedding theme, decoration, banquets, and invited guests. But have you prepared your version of the wedding cake in your wedding plan list? One of the more decorative items for your wedding is not to miss it for you to decide because this wedding cake is often also called a symbol in the event of binding your holy promise later.

This simple wedding cake might be one of the choices for you to present at your wedding. With the dominance of white on the cake, you can get the impression of a simple but elegant cake. Some people believe that white is a must for a wedding decoration because it is considered to represent the sanctity and sanctity of a wedding. You can also add beautiful and unique decorations such as pearl ornaments, gold ribbons, or decorations of butter cream that are formed as attractive as possible like the picture of the substitute cake above.

The next wedding theme with snow theme is also very suitable for you who want to choose a simple but attractive wedding cake. Snow is often favored by people because it can bring a different feel besides the rain and heat of the sun. Maybe this wedding cake selection can also give a different feel for your wedding.

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