The Most Popular Wedding Decoration Theme

From the many couples who have shared stories and marriages, we summarize the most popular and favorite wedding themes for most couples who can also inspire you. Many wedding couples carry the rustic theme, because the theme can give a warm impression to their wedding party. To create a rustic theme, you can take colors and decorative elements from shabby chic style, which are identical to pink and pastel colors, floral motifs and romantic nuances, but don’t forget also to highlight the country atmosphere with strong wood and vintage elements that become the hallmark of the rustic theme.

Vintage themes have a wide range of ideas and themes, depending on what specific era you want to stretch from the 20s to the funky style of the 80s. Think about and choose what really becomes your style and era and explore as much as possible about things that can bring you nostalgia and return to that era. Usually most weddings take inspiration from famous novels or films of the era.

Of the many couples who hold their weddings in open spaces, the garden theme is the most chosen and favorite! Not only in open spaces, you can also bring the feel of a green and romantic garden with tree decorations and flower decorations to your reception in a closed room and juggle your ballroom into a garden or even a magical and amazing forest.

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