Elegant Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decoration of a wedding is one of the elements that cannot be missed during a wedding procession. In this place, the two brides and their families welcomed the invited guests, the attendees who wished to congratulate. Elegant and magnificent decorations often take up a large space. For that, here are some elegant wedding decoration ideas that you can apply at home. What is it like and how is it structured? Check out more below!

Prepare simple properties such as iron poles, lights, artificial flowers, carpets, wooden chairs and flower vases, and fabrics as curtains. Or apply a minimalist concept by adding white cloth wrapped in poles, vintage chairs, roses & baby’s breath, and carpets. For an elegant design, choose a sweetener in the form of glass lanterns and wooden chairs. Give an iron stand with artificial flowers and tulle.

For a brighter display, add string lamps to the backdrop. Choose a blend of flower standed pot and white sofa chair. Take advantage of the curtain as a background with a combination of flowers hoops, just add a white sofa chair for the bridal aisle. In addition to a number of ornaments such as flowers and chairs, apply a minimalist style with additional lanterns according to the overall color of the decor. that’s some simple wedding decoration ideas that can be applied.

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