Smartphone brand loyalty and handset renewal analysis

Smartphone brand loyalty and handset renewal analysis

Knowledge is power – Littlefinger (Game of Trones)

If in this bussiness the handsets are the Knights, and the brands are the Lords, who is winning the battle? Despite the joke, the mobile handset market awareness is crucial for a mobile service provider in order to increase the sales, enhance the customer satisfaction and reduce the churn. The days when the customers only obtain their handsets from the provider are gone, now there are many other Lords on the battle (retail, amazon, ebay, etc). There is only one way to success: detect where the market is going, learn, and decide in consecuence.

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Unsupervised learning use case: mobile users segmentation

I’d like to show through this post a minimal example on using python for an unsupervised learning task: clustering. My goal is to segment customers based on their past mobile data usage. Continue reading “Unsupervised learning use case: mobile users segmentation”